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what are the rules for focused success in a distracted world?

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I use the Pomodoro Technique for almost everything. In theory, it consists of sessions of 25 minutes of deep focus. One task at a time. You do a session of that and take a break of 5 minutes. Then you do another session and take a break again. After four sessions, you take a longer break of 15 minutes. After that, you start all over again. That’s Pomodoro, in short.

That’s what I do, but sometimes I extend these sessions to 50-minute blocks and I skip the breaks. I immediately jump to another task because I want to stay in that flow, you know? And that’s where things go wrong. Headaches anyone?

Cal Newport wrote in DEEP WORK that instead of scheduling the occasional break from distraction so you can focus, you should actually schedule the occasional break from focus to give in to distraction.

Doesn’t that change your perspective? I mean, in his idea, scheduling both work and free time is equally important. I’m a planner and that’s easy for me, so, why not?

A break is needed. And distractions too. You need to restore your energy by allowing yourself to have free time for things that you like doing. This week, I’m gonna try to give myself some distraction breaks. Let’s see how it goes.

On a side note, I’m just glad I’m working from home because I can take distractions to a whole different level hehe.

Have a nice week!

— João

☕️ Do you follow any productivity strategy? For work, study, writing? If you do, tell me about it. How does it work?

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