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What are you reading?⁣ Or Social Media Day

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Hey… Sit with me for a few minutes. I’m having a cappuccino and a croque-madame. I’m not trying to be fancy here, I was just walking home and I decided to stop by a café on my way and write this post while having breakfast like I always do.

Although (yea) I admit that “croque-madame” is a pretty fancy way to call two slices of bread with ham and cheese in the middle and a fried egg on top over melted cheese… But that would be too many words to call a f sandwich. Wouldn’t it? HEHEHE

But I wanna talk about what’s behind my “what you’re reading?” thing. You know… it took me a while to realize what I was doing here and, for quite some time, I thought I was just acting like a mid-life-crisis-wannabe-blogger nerd, sunk in the ridicule of being in my 30s with a serious full-time job and writing to the void of the internet about books and writing under coffee-and-book photos.

Well, I see it differently now. I mean, I still feel the same but since I understood the “social” in social media, I got that egg on top that changes the flavor of my bulky-sandwich life here.

You see, I always have breakfast alone when I’m not at home. I sit at a table and read or write with a coffee cup next to me (my photos here are real). But when I write a post for the Beard, I’m talking to you and you’re having that coffee with me.

So, you’re not the void, you’re a person. And no matter how old we are, where we live, or what we do, we share this passion together.

If you’re HERE reading THIS, it means you love reading and writing, and you like what I write about those things. We’re sharing the same cup of coffee, if you know what I mean. And what I do here is not just blogging, I’m making you stay a little bit more in this place we love, and I’m inviting you to taste other kinds of coffee with me. One day, to be honest, it’s gonna be my own book.

So, yea, when I ask you about what you’re reading, I’m prolonging our cup of coffee in the morning a little more and I want to talk about what books you read and what you think about them and maybe find myself new books, too.

Now, tell me:

▶︎ What are you reading this week?

— João

👇🏻 first seen on @beardbetweenthelines

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