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What does it mean to be a writer?⁣

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Hey there. What do you think it means to be a writer? Don’t just rely on a dictionary definition. What DOES it mean?

As far as I can tell, it’s not about putting words down on a page. No way. It’s more than that. Writing is about using words with a purpose, in a particular way, for a particular effect. And when you think like that, wow, the roads to where you can go become infinite, and they are free and soft to ride. You bet.

I’m gonna borrow some of Will Blythe’s words in the intro of a book called “Why I Write” (I’m reading it). He said you have many compelling reasons NOT to write. Some are mundane, like having a job, a spouse, kids (I add), or a headache. These things can take time and energy away from the creation of literature. And you can also NOT write because you DON’T have a job, or a spouse, or kids, or a headache. Yea, Blythe believes it’s possible to feel TOO good to write.

But the reasons TO write and for being a writer are so much interesting. I know it’s my passion, but what you can do with words when you use them in a particular way for a particular effect is so powerful, so wonderful, that I can’t just let mundane things become reasons not to. You know what I mean?

I’m currently reading “WHY I WRITE”, edited by Will Blythe. Just to get even more into the feeling and mindset I mentioned earlier in my previous post.

So, I think that my point is: be a writer but know what it means to you in a broader sense. And find reasons to write that are powerful enough to defeat any reasons not to.

→ Now, what does it mean to be a writer, in your opinion?



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