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what if writing could help you?

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If you ever tried to write without any particular goal, just letting your mind flow and your writing spirit guide you, you probably know that writing is therapeutical. As you start writing whatever comes to your mind, you sort of EXPEL everything drifting inside you automatically.

And when you read what you wrote, you may find aspects of your personality or thoughts that you didn’t know about, hidden wishes or desires, or even problems you need to solve. Also, you can satisfy your anxious mind about something. Ok, hold that thought.

This whole moment we’re living right now is stressful af, and we can’t do a bunch of stuff because of that. We can’t travel anywhere we want, for example. But you know very well that not being able to do many things you want is or was NOT always related to the pandemic. It’s just easier to blame it on it right now. You know that.

But I don’t wanna judge you or anything. I’m guilty too. What I’m saying is that, for whatever reason we pick, there is always something that can prevent us from doing what we want or wish. So, maybe, just maybe, WRITING about it could either break this barrier or at least ease our minds.

Alright, this is important: you shouldn’t ever replace living a moment for real with reading a book or writing about it. It won’t solve anything. At least not all time. And it can be damaging if you don’t use this right. BUT what I’m saying is: what if putting it all down in words COULD help you somehow? For example,

  • We might solve a problem we have, but in a character as an observer, which can make us see other possibilities with a clearer mind AND the consequences of choices.
  • We can tell a story and live a moment that we REALLY cannot live right now, just to kill our anxieties a little and maybe create a plan for when it’s possible, or attract good vibes for the future?
  • We could try to heal emotional or even physical wounds, by recreating moments we can’t live anymore, to find closure, to let it go, to move on.

Writing is a superpower. Use it. But use it wisely.

— João

■ Now, what do you think about it? Has writing ever helped you this way?

→ Here’s a book rec, by the way: WRITING AS A WAY OF HEALING, by Louise DeSalvo. It’s based on her twenty years of research, where she reveals the healing power of writing. Very very interesting. Check it out.

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