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What We See When We Read

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Dear reader,

You know, it’s like the pictures were projected on the pages, and the scenes and characters and worlds suddenly become clear in my head. Everything around me just disappears, and before I realize, I’m flying over the story.

The words, I mean the ink and lines, they just fade out, and I hear the narrative and dialogues, I see through the paper, and it’s like I’m over a hill, or I’m a fly on a scene, I’m inside a mirror, I’m a lamp, or the button of a shirt.

You know what I mean?

There’s this book called What We See When We Read, by Peter Mendelsund. You should read it. Whether you know what I mean or not.

This is not just another book about reading. It’s not even about reading, if you ask me. It’s art, actually. It’s science, too, but it’s art. It’s one of those books that make you smile and blows your mind on the same page, and you let it do it to you because you agree because you understand.

This is a book review, by the way.



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