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what’s beyond the dark room of hard work?

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Whoever told you it was gonna be easy was lying. Or they forgot about a very important step of the process. You can’t just achieve goals by snapping your finger. You have to work. Really hard.

And yes, work smart too. Productivity gurus are not completely wrong about it. Just don’t listen to them when they imply that being mediocre is fine. It’s not. They just say it to sell books, courses, and coaching services to mediocre people. Because that’s what they wanna hear. But hard work is still a thing. It’s the next step after you cross that mediocrity line.

I’m telling you this because you might be feeling frustrated, struggling to fulfill a dream. Within our niche here, you might want to publish a novel, become a best-selling author, be the screenwriter of that award-winning movie, or maybe you just wanna get your short story published in your favorite literary magazine or your column published in your favorite newspaper. Well, you might even just want to be that stereotypical writer we talked about the other day, but with something more to offer.


It’s not hard because you can’t do it, it’s hard because it TAKES hard work to get there. And at some point, when you cross that line of being mediocre, you’re gonna find this huge dark room where you can’t see anything in front of you, let alone motivation or probabilities.

But listen to me. Keep moving forward. You’re gonna bump into things on your way, for sure. You’re gonna break something, lose something, trip over something, fall, and stand up again trying to lean upon something you can’t see nor even know for sure if it’s steady enough to help you stand up. You’re in utter darkness, ffs, what else would you expect? But if you keep moving forward, you’re gonna find a door. And beyond that door, you’ll see light again and the achievement of your goal.

So, don’t quit.

— João

☕️ Now, tell me: as a writer, what is your dream? What do you want to achieve? — And, I’m curious, if you’re not a writer, imagine you were one, writing a story, working hard. And that way, what would dream about?

⁣book — The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing, by the editors of @WritersDigest

↓ first seen on @beardbetweenthelines


  • WithloveMasi

    Well said! As a writer I want to reach more people with my words, of course as a fulltime job, but also to inspire. I want to be able to move them, once they read something written by me, just like when I read anything by Murakami 🙂

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