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what’s going on with our concentration these days?

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You read a few lines of a book and then you just stop and your mind wanders. You can’t focus. Do you know why? Why can the simplest act of reading be so difficult when it’s actually supposed to make you forget the very things that are preventing you from concentrating? It always keeps me thinking… specially because reading should IMPROVE concentration.

Well, I don’t know why that happens but I know a few things we can do to work it out.


You phone will keep buzzing, and you know that. You start itching to see what it is. A message? A notification of an app beckoning you to open it again and waste a little more of your time on it? Oh, look! Somebody comment on a post. TURN THAT PHONE OFF. Don’t put it down, just turn it off and free yourself from it.


Ok, I admit that sometimes we have so many thoughts and problems in our heads, that it’s impossible not to think of them. And the more you avoid that the stronger it gets. So, let your mind do her thing. You have to get it all out of your system. Clean the hard drive. You can also talk to yourself in the mirror, talk to a friend, or do some cathartic journaling. That will help, I promise.


Ok, I know this has already become self-help cliché or almost like a cult thing, but mindfulness in its essence is being aware of the moment and we definitely don’t do that. That’s why this thing has become so popular. It resonates with us. We DON’T live the moment. We’re always rushing and thinking and overthinking while multitasking. STOP. And embrace every second and detail of what you’re doing. Slowly. Peacefully. Breathing.

So, yea, next time you sit to read a book, be sure to clear your mind first, then turn off your phone, and embrace reading.

Oh, one more thing about letting your mind wander. Sometimes what we read can trigger unwanted thoughts and we daydream. LET THAT HAPPEN! This is not losing focus, it’s digesting what you’ve read.

– João

☕️ Now, how much do you lose focus when you’re reading? And what do you about it?

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