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when you don’t have ideas to write

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You wake up one day with an urge to write something. A story. “A book”? And then you sit in front of the blinking cursor or a piece of paper and nothing comes out. Have you been there? Now, you just start thinking, “forget it, it’s bs.”

No, it’s not. Keep trying. And if you really wanna write something and you don’t know exactly what, trust the power of the ancient cerebrum rainmaking ritual: invoke brainstorming! …and lists.

Alright, listen, sometimes it’s hard af to come up with a story, a topic for content, or anything to write. I know. But one of the most effective ways to do it (and something I always do here) is making lists for brain-dumping or brainstorming.

So, here’s what you wanna do…

▶︎ FOR CONTENT OR NON-FICTION, list the things you know and list what you don’t but you’re interested in.

What you know makes the topics you’ll be easily able to write about. Organize them well and you’ll have content ideas forever. What you don’t know, in turn, gives you ideas to explore and write from an amateur or learning perspective. To make everything more interesting, think of problems and try to solve them in your writing. Let’s say, “writing – what to write about when you don’t have any ideas”.

▶︎ FOR STORIES, make a list of your favorite genres, characters, places, and themes. Then combine them until you find something you like.

You may have, for instance, a tragedy, a prince, Denmark, and a complex revenge plan. From there, you can think of a prince in Denmark facing the tragedy of his father’s death and being summoned by his ghost to revenge his murder through a complex plan that may even involve putting on a play that mimics his father’s death right before his slayer just to prove guilt by the reaction of the criminal. Just don’t use this idea. You know… spoiler alert: that’s Hamlet. Or The Lion King, if you forget about the play, replace Denmark with Africa, and use anthropomorphic animals in your story.

But you get the idea. I hope you have a lashing brainstorm, so fierce you’ll never say you don’t know what to write about anymore.

■ Now, what do you think about it? And do you make lists?

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