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would you use this method for writing?

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WRITING HERE EVERY day led me, at some point, to look for productivity methods and apps that would optimize my work, time, and decision-making process. I found editorial calendars and lists to be my favorite ways to organize my content (and my life, actually).

So, at the end of the month, I sit in front of an app called @craftsdoc, and I make a list of days I post here and the topics I wanna write about. For example, this post looks like this in my content plan: “Mo 31 — editorial calendar for writing books?”.

I mean… urgh, I just gave away an important part of this post but let’s just move on and pretend you haven’t read that… ok?

So… I do that, and I list a few things like a short outline of the post and comments, sometimes links, or reference and that’s it. But one day I thought, “hey, I use this method every month for planning my content and I use that every day to know what I’m going to write in my captions and blog posts… what if I used the same method to write a book?” That’s what I did. AND IT’S WORKING!

You see, I have this outline for my novel. I know the beats and scenes of the story. I gathered all that, separated particular ideas, scenes, or chapters, and I scheduled writing sessions to write them. So, if today were the first day of my writing project, the first writing session would look a little bit like this: “Mo 31 — morning — write intro monologue where main character starts telling the story.”

My whole outline looks like a huge calendar now. And I know exactly when I will finish my book unless I miss a writing session, which we can talk more about another time.

For now, if you want to try it, do this:

■ draft your outline

■ break it into scenes or ideas

■ schedule writing sessions like appointments

■ turn scenes and ideas into an agenda for each writing session

■ sit and write!

Then tell me if it worked for you… I wanna know if I’m crazy or if I just gave you a cool method that will help you finish that book you’re writing.

☕️ Now… would you use that method in your process? Or do you? And do you create an outline for everything you write?

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