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Writing is a lonely job

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Writing is a lonely job.

Many Writers

Hemingway, King, Pond, Asimov. Many writers once said, might have said, or thought that writing is a lonely job. And it is. I don’t know about you but I hate writing with people around me or writing on a real-time collaboration process. It is a lonely job and it must be a lonely job.

But, you know what? You don’t have to face it all alone, and that’s a different thing.

It’s true, the only person writing that piece, that book, that blog, that poem is you. But you can have someone to support you. You’re not alone in the community. You’re not alone when you need someone to support you and to help you improve something.

So here are some situations where writing is not that lonely:

when you have an editor

Some editors are there to help you. They keep pushing you and they guide you when you’re stuck when you’re not motivated enough when you have doubts.

An editor can give you an extra pair of eyes that are objective and sometimes fresh. We get carried away sometimes and having an editor to read and find what we’re too biased to find is perfect.

Editors can also help you developing your project, hone your language, and slap you in the face when you say you can’t do it… I mean, they can keep you motivated.

when you have a social media account

Yes, you can waste tons of hours on social media. Instagram, for example, is the most distracting platform. You can enter into a rabbit hole of photos, engagement, discussions about algorithms, and there are shops, reels, stories. Yea…

BUT! On the other hand, if you use it wisely, you can build a solid audience there and become part of a community of other writers and create accountability for your work.

It’s not just you anymore. Now it’s a group of followers who love your work and support you in your projects. You start writing for them too. Which changes some perspectives.

when you have a writing partner

A writing partner is another writer like you, who you talk about writing with. You know that person you followed on Twitter or Instagram and you started discussing some ideas about your writing and you’ve become friends? They can be your writing partner.

That person is not your competitor, although I wouldn’t trust everyone for that, they can be your writing pal. Someone who can share their views and thoughts about writing. Someone who you can trust and make this whole thing less lonely. Someone who can read some things you wrote and give you a friendly opinion about your work and process.

So, wrapping up, writing is a lonely job but you’re not alone when you have,

  1. A cool editor
  2. A healthy social media account
  3. A trustworthy writing partner

Now, for the comments

“Writing is a lonely job.” What do you think about it?

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