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Hey, the sun is back. It has nothing to do with today’s topic but I just wanted to say that first. I’m happy. It’s been a gray week, and it’s good to finally see the sun doing its thing outside my window.

Alright, back to the Beard… remember that reel I made about writing tools? I’m convinced that the tools we use have a direct impact on our writing flow and creativity. I know it affects me, at least. Like the trigger effect or the environment we discussed on that post about writing at coffee shops, you know?

I know I need three things to work: vibe, focus, and a clean design. Let’s talk about that…


Most of my writing is done on my iPad. But I can’t use the display keyboard unless I can hear the keyboard click sound. We’re talking about VIBE here. That’s why I mostly use an external keyboard where I can hear a minimal sound when I press a key. And that’s why I LOVE writing on a typewriter. The keystroke sound.


Now, the app that I use for writing EVERYTHING is Ulysses. What I love about it is that it is as powerful as Scrivener with almost the same tools in terms of organizing and tracking your work, and even publishing it to different media. But, at the same time, it has this minimalistic structure and workflow (no clutter at all) that allows me to FOCUS on writing instead of formatting and distracting preferences.


Then we have Craft Docs. Now, this app is one of my latest passions. It has a ridiculously neat DESIGN and, as I’m obsessed with lists, planning, and organized notes, I use it for editorial calendars, brain dumps, outlining, ideas, to-do lists, goals, and I’ve been slowly migrating all my notes from the Notes app to Craft, too.

I won’t give you any link or discount for anything. My intention here is to share what I use and why. YOU’RE the one to find your perfect tools and the reason why you prefer them, not me.

■ Now, do you relate to that? Do you think we cannot work properly without our perfect/favorite tools? I mean, are we tied or attached to the tools we love, or are we using them to our benefit by realizing they make our lives easier

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