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You can quit when…

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As we reach the end of January we start to get an idea of how our projects look like. It’s not the perfect picture yet but you sure know by now if you can or cannot achieve your goals because of how you feel about them after the initial excitement wore off.

A project is a set of tasks and goals that lead you to the desired outcome. An outcome is something you want to happen and that will bring you joy or some benefit. Tasks and goals are the actions you perform or results you achieve to reach the desired outcome.

I was asked, Why and when would you quit a personal project?

Here’s what I think

  • When the set of tasks and goals lead you more to an undesired burnout.
  • When the outcome is something that actually won’t bring you joy or any benefit.
  • When the actions you perform are not leading to the results you’re supposed to get and there’s nothing you can do differently.
  • When you stop enjoying the process. And by enjoying I mean both to get pleasure from it, and to get some benefit from it.

About the last one. Sometimes, when we forget about the outcome, it becomes a consequence. So we should focus a lot on the process because that’s what will fulfill your pleasure and that’s what will give you the most important lessons.

I’ve been writing my first novel for almost seven years now, while I wrote a million different things on the way. I studied, I read, I learned. The process is pleasurable and I never felt like quitting because I saw development in it.

So, to wrap it all up, why and when would I quit a personal project? Because I’m getting nothing from it and when it stops making sense to use my time and effort on it.

Now, for the comments…

Do you agree? What would make you quit a project without feeling any guilt?

3 thoughts on “You can quit when…”

  1. Aly Writes says:

    I have given up on projects before because of the realization that I had taken on too much and was going to burn out. I’ve also made the decision to end a project when it became clear it was not going to achieve the desired end result. So for me, quitting (and I don’t even like using that word) is necessary if a project has become harmful or futile.

    1. Beardy says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I don’t like using that word either but it is what it is. Thanks

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