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You only have today to get value out of it

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If what you write about is only relevant today, you only have today to get value out of it

Josh Spector

In my idea of stealing tips from the internet and write about them, I stumbled upon this valuable lesson from Josh Spector.

And yea, I agree. I mean, you create content for your readers and followers to save and share, and it has to be something useful for one to five years from now.

And I get it. Sometimes we have nothing to say, but the pressure to write something and hit the share button is constantly huge. It’s there every day. Post! Post! Post! Almost as if those words were whipping your back.

So we rant about something, talk about random stuff, daily life, the sun is up, rain is falling. Something. How’s it going?

Or we go to an SEO tool or watch that famous influencer to find the best topics to talk about. What’s trending right now? Is it talking about a group? Is it joining polemics on the internet? Is it using buzz words?

Look, I get the pressure. But what you create stays forever on the internet. Have you tried to delete anything you regretted posting? It’s almost impossible.

So what is the content you want to carve in this worldwide rock? Is it valuable? Is it gonna be valuable next year? Is it savable? Shareable?

On the other hand, I admit that we share some things to be valuable for a day. We do that in stories on Instagram or even small posts… That’s not the greatest content, but there is some value there too. For a day. If you want.

After four years of doing this every day, I’m still trying to learn about that too. We all make mistakes, and we learn from them if we’re smart enough. So, this is for me and for you too: next time you hit share, check if you want that content to be valuable today or forever. And your answer will tell you if it’s relevant to share it.

Now, here comes another dilemma: what is valuable?


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